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Close Protection

The close protection courses both basic and advanced, are tough reactive and comprehensive courses, whose goal is to change the mindset of the bodyguard/close protection agent. To alter their state of awareness, sharpen his or her reflexes; reduce the time of reaction to any visual or auditive cue, to comprehend and react to any type of threat, while being in control at all times, to behave in the appropriate manner without over reacting, and if necessary to protect, the vip using his or her own body as a shield, and to evacuate the vip/vip's safely to a secure location.

Soft Target
A soft target is a person, structure, (building) or system of transportation that apparently has no personnel or security system protecting them, hence an easy target.

Hard Target
A hard target is a person or persons, structure, (building) or system of transportation that is visibly Protected by a security system electronically or physically.
Electronic security system: (cameras, electronic sensors, alarms, etc...)
Physical security: professional security personnel, armed guards, etc... Who seem to be alert and ready to react to any given situation or threat at all times.

Courses and instruction basic and advanced include
Combat shooting
Krav maga
Operational defensive driving
Securing a person, zone, structure or vehicle,
High speed evacuation of the VIP etc...
Theory and practice in planning security routs and schedules etc...


The counter terrorism training programs are highly profesionnal, fast moving physically and ...

The close protection courses both basic and advanced, are tough reactive and comprehensive courses...

Krav maga is the state of Israel's National self defense system. Originally developed by the grand master.....

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